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When your braces are removed, the retention stage of your treatment begins. Because human bodies are constantly changing, many patients will need retainers throughout life. The only method to maintain the alignment throughout life is the consistent use of retainers. Dr. Jen uses various types of retainers for different patient needs. The most commonly used retainers in our office are:


An Essix® retainer is made of a clear, durable plastic material that snaps into place over your teeth. Similar to an Invisalign® aligner, it allows the teeth and gums to be visible through the plastic, making it barely visible.

Permanent Bonded Retainer

Permanent retainers are customized wires that are bonded onto the back side of the front teeth. It is less bulky than other retainers. These retainers are excellent for maintaining the position of incisors at the end of treatment. However, extra care must be taken to brush and floss between teeth to prevent future dental problems. As long as you are maintaining good hygiene, this method of retention can go on indefinitely and keep your teeth straight for years to come.
Your long-term orthodontic result depends on consistent retainer wear so make sure follow through with the hard work you’ve put in so far. And remember – keep smiling!

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