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While we can help protect a child’s teeth with preventive dentistry and regular dental checkups, dental sealants are an effective way to provide an extra layer of protection to a child’s teeth. Even if parents help their children brush twice a day, there is still a chance for tooth decay to form in the grooves in the chewing surfaces of teeth. Dental sealants are a thin protective coating that covers the chewing surface of the back teeth to prevent plaque from forming and causing decay.

Dental sealants are available at Camelback Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics in Phoenix and the surrounding area. Dental sealants are easy to place and will not take more than one appointment to do so. Dental sealants are not noticeable or cumbersome to the child when using their mouth. This way, children can continue to have the extra protection their teeth need for overall oral health.

To schedule an appointment or learn more about dental sealants, call us at 602-595-3531.

Benefits of Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a thin protective covering that consists of dental materials and plastic. This covering is safe to be placed on a child’s teeth and protect it against tooth decay. When it comes to helping children take care of their teeth, it is not always easy for parents to motivate them. Even if children remember to brush and floss their teeth, they may not get all the cracks and crevices. This is where dental sealants can help.

Benefits for dental sealants include:
  • Being easy to place
  • The ability to last several years
  • Children can continue to eat the foods they like without too much worry
  • The appointment for placing them does not take very long
  • Not irritating the child’s mouth when chewing or speaking
  • Protecting the teeth from decay
The child will not need to use any numbing during the treatment nor typically feel any soreness after the procedure. To determine if a child patient needs dental sealants, our pediatric dentist will examine the state of the patient’s teeth.

Placing Dental Sealants

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If you are interested in dental sealants for your child’s teeth, give our pediatric dental practice a call at 602-595-3531 and schedule an appointment. Our team can help your child continue to take care of their oral health with dental sealants.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are dental sealants safe?

The ADA states that, yes, dental sealants are safe. While there will be BPA plastic in the sealant, it is a minuscule amount that will not cause harm to the patient. Along with that, dental sealants will provide extra protection against infection and cavities.

Will dental sealants affect my child’s development?

No. Dental sealants will not affect a child’s ability to speak or eat. While some oral health treatment options can create challenges with eating or speaking, dental sealants are thin and discreet. In fact, patients will hardly notice they have sealants at all.

Can dental sealants cover a cavity?

We can use dental sealants to cover a cavity if it is in the early stages. We will need to examine the patient’s teeth, level of infection, and the health of the tooth overall. Once we gather the information for these factors, we can determine if dental sealants are the most effective solution.

Will dental sealants be noticeable?

No. Patients will not notice dental sealants unless they try to look for them. Not only are dental sealants placed on the chewing surface of the tooth that is not immediately noticeable, but they blend in with the shade of surrounding teeth.

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