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Adult orthodontics focuses on providing teeth straightening treatment for adults typically over the age of 21. While people may believe that teeth straightening treatments are only possible when a patient is young, the reality is that adults can straighten their teeth. Adult orthodontics involves treatment to straighten teeth and address alignment issues. Adult orthodontics is available at Camelback Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics in Phoenix and the surrounding area. By considering adult orthodontics, you can straighten your teeth and help promote your oral health in the process. According to the American Association of Orthodontists, one in five orthodontic patients is an adult. Call us at 602-595-3531 to schedule an appointment and learn what adult orthodontics can do for you.

Why Adults may Need Orthodontic Treatment

  • Malocclusion – a situation where the teeth do not align together correctly
  • Crowded or unevenly spaced teeth – could potentially lead to tooth decay or gum disease
  • Pain or discomfort – Abnormal jaw ache or pressure due to crooked teeth
  • Appearance and oral health – The need to have a healthier oral cavity and a confident smile
For patients considering adult orthodontics, it is advisable to schedule an appointment to learn about possible options. When they meet with the orthodontist, the professional will ask questions about their health and perform a clinical examination. They may also request a series of X-rays of the head and mouth, as well as take photographs and impressions for fabricating a plaster model of the patient’s teeth. With these, the orthodontist will be able to recommend an effective treatment plan for the patient’s condition.

Teeth Straightening Options for Adults

Why Adults Should Consider Orthodontic Treatment

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